About DSL

‘Just a matter of time’
has gotten a whole new meaning since 2019!
Dutch Superlap gives drivers and their team the opportunity to set the fastest time on track!
It starts with a free practice and a warm-up session to get used to the track, conditions and to setup the car. The short qualification is where the time matters as the 5 fastest per class will get to drive an exciting 1-lap shootout final!

Dutch Superlap is the ideal competition for multiple target groups. First of all, DSL is the ideal competition for experienced trackday drivers who want to challenge themselves on the track. In addition, participating in DSL is almost equivalent to driving a trackday, but only with experienced drivers. This is how you drive an exclusive trackday with an exciting end of the day through the DSL final!

In addition, DSL is also ideal for the youngest drivers. Are you still too young to participate in official races, but do you want to gain experience with circuit driving? Then the DSL is exactly what you are looking for! Participants from 13 years old, in possession of a DF Academy or NXT Junior Autosport Experience certificate, may participate in the club class of the DSL.

Finally, since 2023 we also have a ranking for street legal supercars. Supercar owners can also drive a circuit in a more relaxed way without encountering inexperienced participants and package drivers. In addition, you can look up the competition with your supercar with fellow enthusiasts of these beautiful cars.

In 2024, the DSL will consist of five different classes in which participants will be divided according to the power/weight balance of the car. More information about the class divisions and regulations can be found on the regulations page.

All this happens on 3 different tracks in 2 different countries over 4 rounds. Every race counts for the championship which demands speed, knowledge, fun, talent, reliability but most of all... the fastest time. Each class have its own championship, with a podium for the Top 3.
Besides the championship with amazing prices, every round also hosts a day championship.

All this is organised a team of enthousiasts, who have years of experience as racers, technical engineers, organizers of raceseries and trackdays. The goal is to host an amazing day for drivers, teams and motorsport enthusiasts and we would love to see you at (one of) our events!